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Wrong Bama Girl Wrong Sooner Girl

No, this isn’t a question about a mythical college football playoff game. It’s about the above lady who keeps showing up around the Internet as either a Sooner fan or a Bammeroid. So which is it? I mean, there are only so many ways to search “hot Alabama fan” in Google without crossing your eyes.

The most likely scenario is the lovely lady’s original picture was a blank canvas, allowing those with Photoshop skills to make her a fan of any team they want. Like so:

Wrong UK Girl

And that, my friends, is what we like to refer to as “quick and dirty.” Imagine someone with a lot more time on their hands. Anyway, I’m digressing. Our Crimson Tide/Sooner babe reminds me of the Sports by Brooks girls that somehow became LSU fans.

If anyone has the source file or knows the history of of OU/Bama girl, please share. This is important work we are doing.