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Nick Saban Statue

Win a national championship mythical title represented by a crystal trophy in college football while coaching the Alabama Crimson Tide? That’s a statue-ing. Just ask Nick Saban. The question is, when will the Saban Statue be revealed to the unwashed masses? After targeting September 4th, the start of Alabama’s football season, the dedication has been delayed.

In fact, they haven’t even started building/sculpting the thing, hence the author’s rendition of what a Nick Saban statue might look like.

According to al.com, the plan is to unveil the Saban Monument sometime during the 2010 season, and considering the other details are currently ambiguous, it wouldn’t be surprising if the dedication was delayed until the Auburn/Bama game on November 26th.

I’m also expecting a sacrificial offering of a virgin Bama co-ed to be found at the foot of the statue the following morning. Hey, whatever it takes to keep those crystal trophies coming.