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Yeah, I know, there’s officially 36 days until the season kicks off, but with videos like the one I’m leading with popping up, it’s safe to say we are firmly in the grips of the upcoming season. What we have is a popular Kansas State fan, named CatMatt, and his parody of the visually stimulating “Baby, Baby, Baby” music video. However, instead of featuring hot, naked chicks with strategically placed black-out boxes, it features not-so-hot avatars of Oklahoma fans, the Kansas Jayhawk, Nebraska fans, and an awfully hungry Mark Mangino,complete with said black-out boxes.

There’s also an appearance from the Funk Bus, which helps wrap up this creation of genius. The video also helps prove there are few things greater than watching college football fans of opposing schools go at each other — even if a partially-naked Mark Mangino is featured.

H/t to EDSBS (via Corn Nation) for the find.