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You know how I know it’s college football season? Fans can douse their bodies in decorative green and orange glitter and then become quasi-Internet superstars. Such is the case of the “Glitter Girls” from last night’s Miami/Florida State game. Thanks to the Miami Herald, we know the names of our glitter-fied fans and it wouldn’t be prudent of me to withhold such information. Our orange-and-green-glittered fans are, if the Herald still goes left-to-right, Alex Goldklang Lauren Lococo and her green-covered cohort is Lauren Lococo Alex Goldklang*, and for you cyberstalkers out there, I’m sure that’s more than enough information for you to do your thing.

*Thanks to Alex for pointing out the mistake.

As indicated, the “Glitter Girls” have become slightly famous for their appearance, although, it doesn’t look like the Seminoles/Hurricanes game was their first appearance all glittered up. Speaking of, the process of making your body shine like that is a dirty job:

“The process can get very messy,” said Lococo. “Whoever cleans our bathrooms must hate us.”

Before every home game the girls prep their skin with Vaseline and apply the glitter to their face and all other exposed parts of their body.

It must be nice to have as college students, someone to actually clean your bathroom. I suppose they could be talking about the community bathrooms dorms are so noted for, but nevertheless, if you are making such a mess, having someone clean up your greasy Vaseline remains makes the process even more enjoyable.