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Bill Stewart

You are looking at what’s probably one of the unhappiest coaches in college football this morning — Eers coach, Bill Stewart. Now, I don’t claim to be an expert in football or anything like that, but I do play one on the Internet. I’ve watched a lot of college football, while staying at a Holiday Inn, and let me say, I don’t think I can recall such poor management at the end of a game in quite some time, if not ever.

Especially in a game that’s essentially a must-win for a school looking for an identity now that the coach who built the team is in Ann Arbor. Or perhaps Stewart gets some kind of sadistic glee wasting the almost unmeasurable talents of Pat White — something that’s obviously not true. It’s just that Stewart’s end-game management last night was so bad, if I was a betting man with money on the Eers last night, I might have jumped out of high-story window.

The recap — with around a minute and change on the clock and the game tied, 14-14, WVU was driving the ball and had it within midfield. Once there, Bill Stewart and his coaching staff proceeded to let so much time tick off of the game clock, the Mountaineers could not get the ball in a position to kick a field goal, even though they had plenty of time — plus two timeouts — to do so.

Instead, after a boneheaded 3rd down play, Stewart had his all-world quarterback call a timeout with four seconds left so Pat White could heave a Hail Mary to the end zone. Seeing how the game was in the mountains of Colorado, White had to do so with the wind in his face, making a play with a slim chance of success that much harder.

Needless to say, White’s pass harmlessly feel to the earth after being batted down before it reached the end zone — about 15 yards short. Subsequently, West Virginia lost the game in overtime after missing a chip shot field goal on the first possession. Here’s an example of how inept WVU looked on offense when they weren’t running the ball with Devine or White:

Well, the Mountaineers’ “improved” passing attack managed just 43 yards, and they committed penalties at critical junctures, lost a fumble that became a Colorado touchdown and converted only three times on 13 third-down conversions.

It’s a safe to say WVU will drop out of the top 25 after their second straight loss and you better believe the Eers fans aren’t too happy about it, nor with Stewart. Burn that couch, indeed.