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LSU Fans

During the fall/winter seasons, there are some things sports fans can count on. One of the primary being just how awesome LSU football fans are. Whether it’s at a tailgate or inside the stadium, you can always count on the LSU faithful to provide heaps drunken, sassy, SEC Conference-lovin’ entertainment. Thanks to the greatness provided by Nick Saban’s return trip to Baton Rouge a couple of weeks ago, we went out and put together this little collection of awesome LSU fanhood-dome for prosperity’s sake.

To start this wonderful journey, we’ll begin with a classic tailgating gem:

Drunk LSU fans and staging tables. What a combination.

Is an effigy a sign of affection? Some LSU fans don’t like Nick Saban for some reason, as this next video, made by a Tiger supporter, indicates.

Someone in the YouTube comments said “typical LSU fans.” All over the color of a tie. And that’s why we love them.

Even when they dance:

Keep on with the force:

Don’t stop til you get enough:

You could do an entire post on LSU fans dancing. Hell, you might be able to do it in volume format. Oh, and LSU fans LOVED “Crank Dat.” It was like a phenomenon for them:

And it wasn’t restricted to the hot LSU fans either:

Speaking of attractive LSU co-eds:

These ladies can drink too:

But sometimes, their male friends like to get in on the fun as well, with mixed results:

I could keep this up all day because there’s just so much to work with, but that’s just overkill.

Before I stop, I’ve shown you various videos of LSU fans living it up, but sometimes, things don’t work out for their football team like they want and we, the people, get this:

Geaux Tigers indeed.