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Kragthorpe Tweet

Steve Kragthorpe, head coach of the Louisville Cardinals football team, is an apparent victim of a fake Twitter account, and sure enough, Erin Andrews is somehow involved. Thanks to a great find by Busted Coverage, (via the Courier-Journal), we know about Kragthorpe’s affection for EA’s infamous (and illegal) video.

Or do we?

According to the his employers, the account in question is a fake, and like any good PR machine, they want the offending Twitter-er removed.

“We’ve been in contact with Twitter,” U of L spokesman Rocco Gasparro said. “We sent them all the fake accounts that we’re aware of trying to get those suspended immediately.”

Um, yeah. About that. Not only that, but the offending tweet is still there, seemingly basking its newfound fame. I wonder if the missus believed him. Here’s hoping “Coach Krag” didn’t get into any trouble — something this post eludes to — because then, he’s a victim of collateral damage.

And that’s just unfortunate.