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In what has to be one of the surest signs of just how crazy the 2007 college football season has been, students from KU camped out this weekend for tickets. FOOTBALL tickets. That’s right, in what looks like one of the bigger season-ending match-ups of the year, the 10-0 Kansas Jayhawks (10-0??? Perhaps the apocalypse is indeed upon us.) and the 9-1 Missouri Tigers are scheduled to play in Arrowhead Stadium the Saturday after Thanksgiving… and students from both schools are, believe it or not, actually hyped up for this game.

I guess winning football can bring a fanbase out in force — although, I wonder if KU fans will stay attached if their team reverts back to old habits next season.

While the Missouri student tickets were distributed last summer, KU students got their crack at them last Monday and to prepare, they began standing in line on Saturday. Of course, many students weren’t used to seeing this kind of reaction for football because they normally save their energies for sports that feature orange balls that bounce and nets that make a “swish” sound.

“I never thought I’d see a line that big for KU football,” said Kansas student Tom Bukovac, a sophomore. “I’ve been a KU fan my whole life and I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Fair weather attitudes aside, the KU/MU match-up has become one of crown jewel match-ups of the college football season, a reality that pretty much shocks the hell out of hardcore college football fans everywhere. Shock levels and soft schedules notwithstanding, KU and MU have had sterling seasons and should be applauded for their accomplishments.

Anyway, the game isn’t until next weekend, so in the meantime, here’s a great pic of Kansas coach Mark Mangino to tide you over:

Mark Mangino

To borrow a quote from Friday: “He’s a big un…” “Umm Hmm.”

Here’s a link in case you missed out on the KU/MU ticket distribution…