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One of the many beauties of college football concerns the interactions of rival fanbases. Whether it’s Penn State fans acting like a crazed mob around Ohio State students or Alabama fans discussing Tennessee, watching opposing fans mix with one another always leads to entertainment.

One such rivalry that gets overlooked — unless it’s basketball season — is Kentucky and Louisville. While neither team is on the same level, program-wise, as Ohio State or Florida, that doesn’t mean the fans can’t get after one another like they are a top-tier program and this weekend was no exception:

If I’m not mistaken, the fellow in the above video was simply giving his opinion on the city of Louisville, something he was proud to share with the stadium police as well. I’m wondering if a Cardinals fan complained or if the officer took it upon himself to investigate the shirt?

I’m disappointed in the fact the guy wasn’t heckled by the surrounding Louisville fans, who instead opted to get the authorities involved. Do you think Penn State fans would’ve reacted so apathetically? With that in mind, I’m thinking of starting a line of WWPSFD (What Would Penn State Fans Do?) gummy bracelets for such an occasion.