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This video’s making its way around the blogosphere at an exponential rate, and with understandable reason. What we have is Iowa Hawkeyes offensive lineman Josh Koeppel enjoying an afternoon spin on his small Yamaha motorcycle. I’m sure things were going well for him: Nice weather, breeze in his face, and then — *BAM* — and he enters a popular Iowa City intersection and some dumbass in a truck isn’t paying attention.

Next thing you know, he’s doing backwards somersaults off the bike while what looks like his shoe gets about 30 feet’s worth of elevation. Ah, the joys of coming to a complete, abrupt, unexpected stop when riding a motorcycle.

Fortunately for Koeppel, his injuries weren’t life-threatening — which is a surprise considering the violence of the collision. Police representatives stated Koeppel “appears he’s going to be fine,” which is fairly amazing when you watch the video.