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Iowa Hawkeyes*** Intentional Foul would like to welcome Nate Westre, one of our new sports writers. Stay tuned as he’ll be a regular writer full of opinions, wit, and a ridiculous amount of sports knowledge! Thanks Nate! – Chris ***

Thanksgiving is knocking at our doors, and the rules say we’re supposed to be thankful right? Being stuck here in central Iowa has me a little sportily-challenged at the moment so I apologize if I’m not thankful for the less-than-stellar performance from the favorite local university.

The Iowa Hawkeyes football team was ranked #9 in the preseason with a sleeper’s chance at a national title. Fast forward to week 3 and a trip to Arizona. Keep in mind the Hawks hadn’t won in the Pacific time zone since 1987. You can imagine the result, a loss to the Wildcats on a huge TD drive in the 4th quarter. Hey, one loss won’t kill the season. The Rose Bowl is still an option.

Fast forward to October 23 when Wisconsin visits Iowa City. Another defensive laspe leads to a late TD by the Badgers and drops the Hawks out of first place in the Big Ten. But still, one loss in the conference isn’t the end of the world. There are a bunch of tie breakers, and the Hawks can still come out on top.

Iowa obliterates #5 Michigan State and squeaks out a win against a hapless Indiana team. The Hawks travel to face an overmatched Northwestern team, yet another late defensive brain fart leads to the winning touchdown for the Wildcats. Goodbye Big Ten championship, goodbye possible BCS bowl.

So let’s play spoiler. Let’s ruin another season. Let’s make Ohio State feel the same pain we feel. Or instead let’s have a Groundhog’s Day moment and give up yet another 4th quarter TD to lose the game. Another conference game. At home. This isn’t supposed to happen.

So here we are. One last game against Minnesota. Does it really matter at this point? How thankful can I be for the Outback Bowl?

At least we have these…

Iowa Girls