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Ohio State and Penn State

Lots of great match ups this weekend, including the headliner of Penn State at Ohio State. It seems everyone wants Penn State to beat the Buckeyes in order to keep them from boring up the BCS Championship game — except for OSU fans, of course. Looking at this game from strictly a historical perspective, even though Penn State has been playing lights-out football this season, they don’t do well in Columbus.

In fact, they haven’t won there since 1978 and Joe Pa has an overall losing record against Ohio State (5-7-0). Should we expect more of the same tomorrow night? Well, if karma has anything to do with it, Penn State will probably get smashed by the Buckeyes and if they do, I’m going to blame this douche bag guy.

In case you forget, the winner in question is responsible for posting one of the most pathetic fan videos I’ve ever seen:

Talk that smack with a whole bunch of people behind you. What an awesome human being.

Anyway, back to the game — yes Penn State has probably the best offense in the Big 10, but OSU’s defense is nothing to scoff at. Both teams look pretty evenly matched and because of that, I’m going with the home team. Won’t it be awesome watching the Buckeye climb right back into the thick of the BCS if they beat Penn State?

Ohio State – 24, Penn State – 21

Georgia at LSU

Georgia and LSU

While lots of folks are focusing on one-loss USC, Florida and Ohio State, UGA is sitting on the outside, continuing to win as well and if they beat LSU in Baton Rogue, they will be right back in the thick of the BCS discussion. The defense of the Tigers has to be of concern to Les Miles after giving up so many points to Florida two weeks ago. LSU does fine against the lesser offenses in the SEC — see, Carolina, South — but will they struggle against one as dynamic as Georgia’s?

Will LSU’s multi-headed running attack be able to move the ball against UGA’s rushing defense, which is the best in SEC? Will LSU be able to pass the ball effectively if they can’t run it? These are just some of the things to look for in tomorrow’s game. One more thing: which is greater? Knowshon or the LSU’s running back by committee, led by Charles Scott?

Another area of interest is the apparent fan animosity LSU supporters feel towards UGA’s fanbase. Apparently, UGA fans are too whiny for LSU.

I’m thinking UGA here for some reason. 27-17.

Other Games of Note

Kansas and Texas Tech

Texas Tech at Kansas – Big test for the Red Raiders. Can Mangino’s defense do anything to stop the Red Raiders from scoring? Conversely, will they be able to move the ball the way they did against Oklahoma and if so, will Tech’s defense have any answer?

Kentucky at Florida – with all the injuries for Kentucky, Florida is looking at 22-straight victories.

Oklahoma State at Texas – Will OSU man up against Texas or will the Longhorns secure their number one ranking by beating a very good OSU team? From where I sit, there aren’t any teams on Texas’ schedule that can stop them from scoring.

Alabama at Tennessee – This is the type of game where Tennessee can sneak up on you. Obviously, this will be a season the Volunteers would like to forget, but they still have SEC talent and if Nick Stephens continues to play better than Jonathan Crompton, they’ll be in a position to put a loss in Bama’s column. LWS is feeling the upset as well.

USC at Arizona – Lots of offense in this one. Will USC be able to stop this from turning into a shoot-out, one they could very well slip up on?