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Surprising absolutely nobody, the preseason USA Today/Coaches Poll for college football came out today, and guess what? The Florida Gators are the top team in the land. Now if, with the Gators coming off a BCS Championship, this revelation does actually surprise you, you probably haven’t been paying attention. Combine the lead image with another good recruiting class, a touch of Tim Tebow, a dash of Urban Meyer and Brandon Spikes, as well as more roster talent than most coaches would know what do with and you have all the reasons you need to know why the Gators are the number one team in the land heading into the regular season.

Following the Tim Tebows are Texas at number two, Oklahoma at three and USC at four. Alabama, Ohio State, Virgina Tech, Penn State, LSU and Mississippi round out the top ten. The conference breakdown goes like so:

Pac-10: Four teams in the top 25 (USC, Oregon, Oregon State, Cal)
SEC: Five teams (Florida, LSU, Ole Miss, Georgia, Alabama — four of which are in the top ten)
ACC: Four teams (V-Tech, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Florida State)
Big 12: Four teams (Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Nebraska)
Big 10: Three teams (Ohio State, Penn State, Iowa)
Non-BCS: The rest (Boise State, Utah, TCU, BYU)

Oh, and Notre Dame is ranked to, but damn if I know how an “independent” school gets BCS consideration. Maybe the Irish’s basketball affiliation with the Big East helps them here. And no, I’m not being 100% serious, but if Notre Dame somehow finished their season undefeated, they’d be right there in the thick of the National Championship discussion — meanwhile, the Utahs of the world can only watch while the current system takes whale-sized dumps on their heads.

Speaking of the Big East, how many times have they been shut out of the preseason top 25? No West Virgina, no chopping wood from Rutgers and no Louisville or South Florida. What gives, guys — well, besides the drop off in talent from previous years? At some point, you’d expect the Mountaineers to show up, but besides that, I don’t think you’ll see much of the Big East when it comes to the BCS and top conferences in football discussions.