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A couple of members of the Florida Gators football team—past and present—are getting restless waiting for their Capital One bowl game against Michigan on January 1st, 2008. Of course, having to wait over a month between games can cause stir craziness, which can lead to the following types of situations.

According to Gator Sports, two Gators, one currently with the team and one who no longer plays, were arrested after some shenanigans at a local Jimmy Johns got out of hand. Apparently they weren’t content with the usual spoils of being a successful college athlete and wanted a little more…

The two players, starting defensive end Jermaine Cunningham and ex-linebacker Jonathan Demps, were charged with battery after they refused to pay for a bag of potato chips. After they were asked to pay for their popular side item, the two Gators allegedly harassed the offending Jimmy Johns employee by becoming verbally abusive and by throwing a sandwich and some cups at the offending employee.


Anyway, you mean to tell me the local Jimmy Johns doesn’t teach their employees to deify the Florida Gator athletes, especially the ones who play or have played on the football team? Well, color me astonished.

After they voiced their displeasure, the two players, one former and one current (this is an important detail), fled the establishment and after a nation-wide manhunt (not really), they were captured and are being held without bail on misdemeanor battery charges.

See what happens when you have so much free time between the regular season and “post season,” college football? I, for one, blame the bowl system and the BCS. If Cunningham had a game to prepare for, or better yet, a 16-team tournament, he wouldn’t need to be out at Jimmy Johns at 2 in the morning.

See, in D1 college football, it always comes back to the BCS. Hat-tip to Loser with Socks.

Jermaine Cunningham

Jonathan Demps