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Notre Dame

Thanks to this awesome find by Isaac (via Spartantailgate), we now know the folks at Notre Dame’s Rivals.com portal either like to play around with words or are so oblivious, they allow things like the Irish’s stance on the whole, to-shave-or-not-to-shave debate to become common knowledge.

Obviously, this has to be a simple oversight, but if it’s not, Mr. Lead Article Headline Writer has a sense of humor that will probably shorten their stay with the Rivals company.

Isaac posted his entry about 30 minutes ago, give or take, and the post still hasn’t changed. But when it does, never fear because that’s what screenshots are for — to preserve humorous mishaps like these. Granted, the pronunciation of Kuntz’ name is “Koontz,” but it certainly does not read that way.

Nicely done, Rivals. Nicely done.