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Mark Mangino

Some KU football players are upset with the way their coach is being treated by a certain t-shirt company and they are no longer going to sit quietly and take it. The issue has to do with Joe-College.com, some t-shirt designs they made and girth of KU coach, Mark Mangino. It’s no secret Mangino is living large, but apparently, some his players are sensitive about their coach being made fun of.

First, the shirts in question:

Mangino Shirts

While they are insensitive to certain overweight coaches, the shirts also celebrate just how much KU fans love Mark Mangino, large size or not. However, these outspoken players don’t share the same joy the fans do.

“I guess everyone has a different sense of humor,” said KU linebacker Mike Rivera, who went to Shawnee Mission NW. “Some things are funny to some people. But sometime you have to think about what other people feel.”

So what say you, Jayhawk fans? Will you continue to wear shirts celebrating your coach (and his weight) if the players find them offensive?