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McFaddenArkansas do-everything back Darren McFadden was at a piano bar last night when a scuffle broke out. Needless to say, the most noticeable figure of the crowd—McFadden, of course—seems to have been singled out. According to the report, McFadden was placed in handcuffs because he was “‘agitated and was provoking aggressive behavior inciting the incident,’ according to the police report.”

McFadden was not arrested, which begs the question, why was he handcuffed (the only person, btw)? If you are trying to leave a bar that’s reported as being a “pretty rowdy scene,” chances are you aren’t going to act like you would in church, especially if you are an individual as athletically gifted as McFadden is. Furthermore, his mother indicated Darren was trying to protect his brother, Daryl. Apparently, someone bloodied Daryl’s nose and that help set D-Mac off.

Anyway, like The Hog Blogger points out, this is really a non-issue. Darren wasn’t taken downtown and he’s not been charged with anything. Besides, put yourself in his shoes. If someone jumped your younger brother in a bar, you’d hopefully take up for him to, regardless if you are an NFL-caliber running back or not.

No, the real story here is WTH were the McFadden brothers doing in a piano bar? Who knew Arkansas even had those. ;)

Over at FanHouse, they are discussing whether or not Parcells would consider D-Mac to be a thug after last night’s non-issue? Surely The Big Tuna is a better judge of character than that.