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Here’s another little something to tide you over until it’s time for teams like the Tide to roll. I’m talking about college football season, of course. What we have is a neat little quiz (two parts) of 50 football helmets from various schools presented in the Excel format. The first part is probably a little easier than the second and it looks like the helmets were taken from this incredible site, the Helmet Project.

I originally found the quiz in this thread but I think it originated here.

Quiz 1
Quiz 2

Be sure and post your scores below (48-50 and 45-50 for me) and if you can’t remember what team a certain helmet belongs to, be sure and check out The Helmet Project — although, you are going to have to forgive the frame website presentation. If you know of any other quizzes like this, be sure and share them with me.

Hey, there’s only 42 days until kick-off. Hopefully, the helmet quiz can help the time go by a little faster.