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Bryant Moniz

USC and Hawaii provided us late-night viewers something of an entertaining football game, as long as you aren’t a fan of great defenses. While it was surprising to watch a Monte Kiffin-coached defense to give up big play after big play, USC was never in any serious trouble because Hawaii’s defense couldn’t tackle worth a damn. The result: a video game-like 49-36 final score, complete with a heaping pile of offensive yards (524 for the Trojans and 588 for Hawaii — like I said, video game offenses).

Hawaii’s best chance to pull the upset, however, probably ended when starting quarterback, Bryant Moniz, got absolutely destroyed by USC linebacker, Michael Morgan. Moniz had broken the pocket and was trying to get all the yards he could when he ran, head-first, into the forearm/shoulder area of Morgan, who delivered a knock-out blow that took Hawaii’s quarterback out of the game.

Granted, considering Hawaii’s just-as-poor-as-USC’s defense, an upset was never really something the Trojans had to worry about — Matt Barkley’s stellar game had a lot to do with that — but you can guaran-damn-tee Lane Kiffin’s defense will be put through their paces in USC’s upcoming practices.

“Defensively, we didn’t play very well, obviously,” Kiffin said. “I’m really disappointed with everything in general.”

That sounds like a recipe for long Labor Day weekend workouts and practices for all involved.