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Sam Bradford
The two biggest mysteries heading into this weekend’s slate of college football is the status of Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford. As we eluded to earlier, Bradford is indeed going to play against Baylor tomorrow. It will be his first action since he damaged his shoulder against BYU. As for the Tebow situation, he hasn’t been cleared by Florida’s doctors as of yet. He is, however, flying with the team to Baton Rogue, and won’t be completely ruled out — or in for that matter — until tomorrow.

In regards to the Sooners, they probably would’ve handled Baylor quite easily with hair-lipped Landry Jones, but Bradford wants game experience before next week’s mega-showdown with Texas. I’m curious to see how effective Bradford will be without his favorite target, Jermaine Gresham. Not only does Gresham’s absence loom, leading wide receiver Ryan Broyles is also out with a leg injury. While Bradford’s return will indeed be welcomed with open arms, the Sooners offense has a lot of question marks, and apparently, a growing chorus of doubters.

A reasonable approach, considering the Sooners didn’t field the most prolific offense ever in college football last season. Oh, wait.

As for Tebow and the Gators, if there’s not enough evidence he is healthy enough to play by now, he probably shouldn’t. Perhaps the Scot Brantley tale in today’s GatorSports.com could ease their decision.

Of course, it could be just simple gamesmanship from the Gators, but then again, using a brain injury as a ruse is a tad unbecoming.

Considering the delicate nature of brain trauma — granted, I’m no doctor — if his status has been a “No” at any time this week, especially since Wednesday, then there’s no reason for Tebow to play and risk further, perhaps even debilitating injury. It’s not like a day or two is going to make a monumental difference, at least when it comes to deciding between these two choices: “Yes you can take headshots” or, “Hell no, you can’t.”

They could always wrap him a bubble and hope LSU doesn’t try and pop it.