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Just in case you were in some sort of stasis these past few days, the college football season has kicked-off and yesterday (Happy New Years) was the pinnacle of the holiday pigskin celebration with six games taking place throughout the day. Starting with an entertaining Tennessee and Wisconsin match-up in the Outback Bowl and ending with Georgia’s total and complete destruction of Colt Brennan and the Hawaii Warriors, the New Year’s Day football orgy was certainly entertaining, mixed with a side of exhaustion.

Instead of wrapping up each game, we decided to find reactions from some of the fan blogs out there. Enjoy:

Outback Bowl: Tennessee – 21, Wisconsin – 17. The Vols secured a 10-win season for the first time since 2004. Over at Vol Nation, they have a great wrap-up of the game itself and a list of links to some recommended reading posts, including the game thread that featured over 1700 posts. Were Wisconsin fans pleased with the way the Vols carried themselves on the field? Not likely.

Cotton Bowl: Missouri – 38, Arkansas 7. The Tigers, who were perhaps feeling slighted for missing the BCS party, decided to take their frustrations out on the moribund Razorbacks, who didn’t even look like they got off the plane. Perhaps it was the distractions from the Darren McFadden story/non-story that was going around or perhaps it was the coaching change. Whatever the reason, the Hogs got smashed yesterday by Tony Temple and the rest of the Mizzou Tigers. Temple set a Cotton Bowl rushing record with 281 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Over at Rock M Nation, they shared their list of things to do while enjoying the bowl season:

Blow out Arkansas. Check.
Watch Illinois get crushed by USC. Check.
Watch Kansas get crushed by Virginia Tech. All that’s left.

Apparently, there is still some bad blood left over from Kansas’ selection to a BCS bowl…

Capital One Bowl: Michigan – 41, Florida – 35. This was the probably the most surprising outcome of the day, with Michigan proving to the rest of the world they could handle the vaunted SEC speed and that their season was not a complete wash. By beating the Gators and Heisman winner Tim Tebow, the Wolverines made Lloyd Carr’s last game a memorable one.

Over at MGoBlog, Brian wasn’t shy about letting the rest of the SEC fanbase know his feelings, while the Maize N Brew blog had some fun with the reactions of the Gator fans everywhere. Meanwhile, over at Loser with Socks, lloydbraun takes aim at some of the decisions Florida coach Urban Meyer made yesterday:

The Gators started by embarassing themselves in their typical lack o’ class fashion doing the whole jumping all over the logo thing that, unfortunately, other SEC teams (UGA) have also done in the past. It seems like the younger generation of coaches is, sadly, going to be ok with trash behavior like this.

That was the highlight of the day for Herban. From that point on he proceeded to make some of the most bizarre decisions I have ever seen East of Les Miles…

Gator Bowl: Texas Tech – 31, Virginia – 28. The one bowl game nobody watched wound up being one of the most entertaining. The Red Raiders and their mad-scientist offense over came a 14-point 4th quarter deficit to secure their ninth win of the season. While the rest of the nation may have missed it, the guys at Double-T Nation are more than willing to share their joy with you.

Rose Bowl: USC – A lot, Illinois – Not much. In one of the more boring bowl games of the season, USC absolutely manhandled Ron Zook’s Illinois football team in a game that made bloggers and reporters alike question the necessity of a stuck-in-the-mud, roadblock-to-progression Rose Bowl. It’s quite apparent the folks running the Rose Bowl are willing to put their best interests before anything else, regardless who or what it impedes, something the guys at The Sports Frog do a brilliant job of pointing out as well.

Needless to say, Trojans fans are quite pleased with their victory and rightfully so. However, their match-up with Illinois, one of the lowest ranked BCS teams ever, proves just how inept the Rose Bowl handlers have become. Their insistence on having an antiquated Big 10/Pac-10 match-up gives such gems like the Trojans destroying the Illini, instead of Georgia/USC or some other game that would have been infinitely more entertaining.

Sugar Bowl: Georgia – 41, Hawai’i – 10. In a game that was nowhere near as close as the score suggests, Georgia completely obliterated Colt Brennan (8 sacks, 3 INTs) and the rest of the Warriors. Playing in their black jerseys, the Bulldogs were more like morticians as they took it upon themselves to show Hawaii what playing in the big leagues is all about. Over at EDSBS, they wrap-up of just how badly the Bulldogs beat the Warriors down, complete with a nifty YouTube, which is showing below:

Naturally, the folks at the Georgia Sports Blog have much, much more on last night’s destruction.

So, our last two games of yesterday evening–games that were supposed to be a couple of crown jewels for the bowl season–were absolute laughers because of some secret society-like commitment to a system that’s as inept as me trying to do successful brain surgery… although, the results of my brain surgery attempts would probably be much more humorous than the last two match-ups we were treated to last night.

If the Rose Bowl is really that reluctant to jump on board, pull their Bowl certification and move on without them. It’s called evolution folks, and all the excuses that have been made against a playoff do not work. Unfortunately, we have to wait until some schools are ritualistically sacrificed, all in the name of tradition, before we reach our annual realization that the current system sucks.

Same time, next year?