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Skip Holtz

Welcome to the second week of All Out Blitz, IF’s weekly look at world of college football. After what looked like a ho-hum week, match-up wise, it turned out to be anything but.

East Carolina?
Leading the way was Dr. Lou’s son, Skip and his East Carolina Pirates. After absolutely smashing the West Virginia Mountaineers, 24-3, the Pirates entered the national rankings in the top 15 and rightfully so. In their last three victories, dating back to last season, the Pirates have played and beaten three ranked teams in impressive fashion.

In fact, the Pirates have been so good against their more famous opponents (Virginia Tech, WVU), a top-15 ranking might be a little low. Against WVU, East Carolina’s defense dominated White and the rest of Mountaineer gang as they racked up six tackles for a loss and three sacks of the potentially previous Heisman hopeful. Speaking of the Heisman, I think it’s time to add Patrick Pinkney’s name to the watch list.

Naturally, the ECU fans were ecstatic and they weren’t about to let any state troopers get in the way of celebrating their victory with Coach Holtz:

For those of you who like reveling in a fan’s misery, please check out the Losers With Sock open thread for this game. The thread was started by LWS poster, AngryEer, a noted WVU fan. In it, you can watch a fan who starts the day on a high — “My EERs will dominate” is the title of the thread — and descends into anger — “The defense should be forced to walk back to Morgantown.” — which turns into a “defending the program” exercise — “We beat the Oklahoma Soooners ass on national TV, that is a pretty solid effort.”

If you just follow Angry’s comments, you can get a great idea just how passionate fans are about their college football team.

BYU Wins

Time For A Rule Change
Just ask Ty Willingham, Jake Locker and the rest of Washington Huskies. By now, you’ve all seen and heard all about BYU/Washington but that doesn’t change the fact that it stunk and ruined a great football game. Just in case you missed it, Locker scored a rushing touchdown as time was running out and the extra-point would have tied the game.

There was just one problem for the Huskies: before the point could be kicked, Locker was hit with an unsportsmanlike penalty for — wait for it — throwing the ball in the air after he crossed the goal line. Because he threw the ball in a celebratory manner, he was penalized by the officials for excessive celebration and the extra-point was then blocked by BYU, avoiding overtime and securing the win.

Let’s go to the video:

Now, it is a fact the NCAA rule book contains a passage about throwing the ball in the air when celebrating. And because of that, the Pac-10 officials felt it was their duty to penalize a player who was ecstatic about giving his team an opportunity to extend the game into overtime. Locker was not taunting BYU and he did not throw the ball in their direction. He simply threw it into the air and ran to his teammates to celebrate.

Was that excessive or done in a manner to show-up the BYU players? Absolutely not. Now, the officials are protected because the rule is indeed on the books; however, what Locker did after he scored demonstrated the kind of passion these kids put into the game on a weekly basis.

Is that something that should be punished? Is this the kind of enthusiasm the NCAA is trying to curb? If so, they are more misguided than the letter-of-the-law officials who ruined a great game made the call.

Meyer and Tebow

Urban Meyer for the Cover
Is there any particular reason Urban Meyer had Tim Tebow in the game when you are up 23-3 with 1:56 left in the game after your Heisman winner has taken a beating? No? What about having said Heisman winner throw the ball in the end zone? What does that say about the head coach of such a team? Was Meyer trying to run up the score on Miami or was he trying to cover the spread?

Whatever he was trying to do, his leadership skills didn’t go unnoticed by Miami coach Randy Shannon, who offered these thoughts (via Dr. Saturday):

“I’ll just say this one statement, sometimes when you do things, and people see what type of person you really are, you turn a lot of people off.”

They say what comes around, goes around. I can imagine Miami is waiting for their opportunity to bring it back around. Maybe they’ll try the “run over the coach” play Cerulo pulled on Coach McGrath in Wildcats.

Randall Cobb

His Name Is Randall Cobb
Yes, this one is a little more self-serving, seeing how I’m a UK fan, but I just had to point this out: Apparently, Phil Fulmer decided he didn’t need a kid who grew up playing about 10 minutes from Neyland Staduim and so the University of Kentucky swooped in and got him, even after the Vols tried to get in on Cobb towards the end of the recruiting period.

Thanks Coach Fulmer. Your loss is certainly UK’s gain.

In his first action at quarterback against Norfolk State, Cobb led the Wildcats to touchdowns on his first three possessions, electrifying the crowd so much so they booed Mike Hartline when he started the second half. Naturally, Coach Brooks thought the crowd’s stupid decision was bullshit.

Nevertheless, the Kentucky coaching staff has a decision to make in the near future. Are they going to stick with Hartline, switch to a true freshman quarterback right as SEC play begins, or continue to use the dual-quarterback option? While Cobb is penciled in as the second-string QB, he also plays wide receiver when Hartline is under center.

As of now, both are expected to see playing time against Middle Tennessee on Saturday.

IF Top Five:

1. USCSpeed, speed and more speed
2. GeorgiaBack in the top five after a ho-hum opening
3. OklahomaAn offensive juggernaut
4. FloridaHard to deny, even with poor sportsmanship
5. Penn StateLooks like the class of the Big Ten

Dropped out: Alabama, Ohio State, West Virginia, LSU. WVU and OSU are obvious choices as is back-to-earth Crimson Tide. LSU was simply the victim of an off-week and some teams rising to the occasion and could very well be back next week.