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Texas Wins

Mack Brown’s big win over Oklahoma came with an added bonus, or a curse, depending on your point of view: Texas is now the number one team in the land. Some folks in Alabama aren’t sure about that particular decision considering Texas leapfrogged a bye-week Tide to secure the number one spot. Nevertheless, Texas is now in charge of wearing the target, which comes under fire next Saturday when the Longhorns play Missouri on Saturday night.

How big of a win was it when Texas beat Oklahoma on Saturday? It might be one of the crown jewels in Mack Brown’s crown.

I raise this storyline today because this win over Oklahoma marks the end–the end–of the Mack Brown is anything but a great football coach era. And today marks the day that we look around the country, look at our own team, and say that Greg Davis, too, had his crowning moment as a Longhorn assistant coach.

Quan Cosby had a crowning moment as well; just ask Lendy Holmes:

It would be wise if the Longhorns forgot about beating Oklahoma in hurry. With Missouri and Oklahoma State representing the next opponents, the Longhorns’ stay atop the polls could end quickly.

Of course, if that happens, Penn State would probably leap over Alabama as well, giving Tide followers even more to fuss about.

A Weekend of Pictures

LSU Down

LSU got stuck by the Gators, who gave Les Miles his worst lost in his LSU tenure.


Rudy Carpenter is hurting after his game against USC. Hits like the one above probably contributed.

Knowshon Flip

Knowshon Moreno’s aerial tactics got the best of him in this play against Tennessee, but the Dawgs still handled the Vols — although, I’m not sure if it was a t-shirt-worthy event.

Chase Coffman Slam

Maybe Moreno and Chase Coffman should stay on terra-firma. In other news, the Cowboys manned up for Mike Gundy and whipped Missouri in Columbia.

Texas celebrates

Big wins call for big celebrations.

Gamecock Cheer

Celebrating nine-in-a-row. Because there’s nothing like watching your team lose to South Carolina nine straight times.

IF Top Five
1. Alabama (sorry Texas fans)
2. Texas
3. Penn State
4. Florida
5. Texas Tech – I don’t argue with mad scientists.