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BCS Trophy

Would you have it any other way? Are there better methods to decide a national championship than the BCS? Ask Division II football. But until a cataclysmic shift in the cosmos occurs, the BCS is what we have so we might as well go with it — unless, that is, the football teams in question decide to boycott these upcoming games, making a protest that would be impossible to ignore.

Oh well. Perfect world and all that. Anyway, here’s our little preview of the upcoming BCS games and may God have mercy on our “we want a playoff” souls.

Florida versus Oklahoma – The BCS Championship Game

Florida versus Oklahoma

This one is for all the marbles, boys and girls. SEC versus Big 12. Tim Tebow and his indefatigable will versus the best offense that’s ever played in Division I (statistically speaking, anyway). This game is being billed as two offensive juggernauts throwing down in Miami and rightfully so. Of course, with all the focus on these great offenses, Florida/Oklahoma is going to come down to who can stop the other from scoring.

Or maybe both teams will just break the scoreboard.

So who ya got? Tebow and the Gators or Bradford and Sooners? Are there enough numbers in exsitence to keep up with the all the potential offensive explosion these teams are poised to put up?

What and WhoBCS National Championship Game – Florida versus Georgia
Where and When – January 8, 2009 – Miami, Florida
Our Pick – Tough one here: Oklahoma 47, Florida 41

Penn State versus USC – Rose Bowl

Penn State versus USC

Here’s a nice little throwback bowl game for all those traditionalists out there. For Joe Paterno, it will be his second trip to Pasadena while USC will be enjoying a shot at their 24th Rose Bowl win. Both teams are 11-1, but after watching the season play out, it does look like USC has the superior team. Just don’t tell Penn State that. Can their hard-nosed, Big 10 defense and their trendy spread attack cause problems for the Trojans or will Pete Carroll’s cupboard full of talent prove too much for Penn State to handle?

What and WhoRose Bowl – Penn State versus USC
Where and When – January 1, 2009 – Pasadena, California
Our Pick – USC 38, Penn State 21

Texas versus Ohio State – Fiesta Bowl

Texas versus Ohio State

I fully expect Texas to take their non-BCS-Championship frustrations out on Ohio State. In fact, this could get Florida/Ohio State ugly. Colt McCoy and crew are ready to show the voters (and the college football-watching world) who it is they passed on and looks like it’s going to come at Ohio State’s expense. Yes, the Buckeyes have a great defense and their offense, led by freshman phenom Terrelle Pryor and running back Beanie Wells, is capable.

It’s just the Longhorns are better. Prolifically so.

Maybe their hangover for being passed over for Oklahoma continues to weigh on their minds and Ohio State can use that to their advantage, but I’m see the Longhorns coming out with Georgia-versus-Hawaii type of vengeance.

What and WhoFiesta Bowl – Texas versus Ohio State
Where and When – January 5, 2009 – Glendale, Arizona
Our Pick – Texas 42, Ohio State 17

Alabama versus Utah – Sugar Bowl

Alabama versus Utah

A sentence or two ago, I mentioned something about last year’s destruction of the University of Hawaii, courtesy of the Georgia Bulldogs. This game feels like a similar outcome can be expected. What we have is Alabama’s superior smashmouth football team versus the undefeated Utes of Utah. To their credit, Utah already has wins over teams like BYU, TCU and Oregon State, who finished second in the Pac-10. But these teams don’t represent a pissed-off, talented Alabama team looking to make a statement going into next season. If Utah struggles with Bama’s running game, this game will be a long and brutal affair for the Utes.

Or do they have some Boise State/Oklahoma magic up their sleeve?

What and WhoSugar Bowl – Alabama versus Utah
Where and When – January 2, 2009 – Louisiana Superdome
Our Pick – Alabama 35, Utah 14

Cincinnati versus Virginia Tech – Orange Bowl

Virginia Tech versus Cincinnati

Welcome to the BCS, Bearcats. It looks like you are certainly pumped up for the opportunity.

But will that be enough to deal with the machinations of a Frank Beamer-coached team? For Virginia Tech, they are trying to get the “another BCS loss” monkey off their and the ACC’s back (the ACC has lost eight-straight BCS games). To do so, they will have to fight off a hungry, talented Bearcat team that wants to prove they belong in the BCS — never an easy prospect for a traditional power.

What and WhoOrange Bowl – Cincinnati versus Virginia Tech
Where and When – January 1, 2009 – Dolphins Stadium
Our Pick – Cincinnati 24, Virginia Tech 21

So there you have it folks. Our first look at the upcoming BCS bowl game schedule. By our accounts, if this plays out like we’ve guesstimated, the 2008 season will end with Oklahoma holding up the glass football. Does this concur with your outlook? If not, let us know. Do you think Tim Tebow will single-handedly carry his Gators to the Promised Land or will Sam Bradford throw all over the Gators?

These are just some of the things we are looking forward to while we, well, wait. Because of the delay, any of these storylines could change. We’ll have more in-depth looks as the games loom nearer.