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LSU Crushes OSU

Your 2007 college football season now has a champion as the LSU Tigers ran over the Ohio State Buckeyes by the score of 38-24, becoming the first two-loss team to win the BCS Championship (they also became the first two-time BCS Champs). By now, the sports blogosphere is in full swing with all kinds of wrap-ups and post-live blog discussions, so there’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said.

There will be incessant talk of a playoff; whether or not USC should’ve been in New Orleans; and some folks from West Virginia pining away for a shot as well (I got most of these talking points from the post-game Fark thread).


The bottom line is this: under the current system we inhabit, LSU is your BCS National Champs and the AP concurs (not that it matters if they don’t because the glass football means much more than a final voting tally). For those of us pining for a playoff, don’t hold your breath. If the SEC cannot be the catalyst for change in the current system, who, exactly can? Well, as long as the Rose Bowl, the Big Televen and the Pac-10 continue to profess their undying love for one another, probably no one except perhaps Myles Brand.

However, do you really think the school presidents will allow Brand to mess with their cash cow?

Because of all of that, all we can do is continue to play by their rules and congratulate the champions as they come. With that in mind, congratulations LSU. You’re masterful beatdown of Ohio State made things a little clearer. As for Ohio State fans, there’s always next year. Although, you might want to take a break from the BCS Championship game. If invited next year, maybe you should decline. ;)

Sad OSU Fans