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At least Reggie Fish is. What we have here is a nice little rap video, courtesy of Fish, set to the images of Razorbacks highlights. Unfortunately, there aren’t (m)any highlights of Fish, a sophomore wide receiver who redshirted last season after a decently-productive freshman year; well, at least in the playing time department (nine catches for 65 yards in 13 games). Mainly, the video features highlights of Michael Smith and Dennis Johnson running over and around opposing defenses. Of course, coming off of a 5-7 season, the highlight reels aren’t exactly plentiful. Maybe Fish can help change Arkansas’ course in the upcoming season.

Hell, if he gives the same kind of effort he gave making this song, he might even be a productive SEC football player; although, when you consider Arkansas’ quarterback situation — sorry Bobby, but I don’t see a Brian Brohm anywhere on your roster — this year’s highlights might again be restricted to the running backs.

In other news, in light of the all the Twitter hubbub going around, how long before other social media outlets are targeted. Granted, things like YouTube and Vimeo have been around longer than Twitter, but when an axe like Twitter-banning begins to fall, these edicts can quickly morph into an “all or nothing” ruling. Consider it collateral damage.

H/t to hogdatabase (via EDSBS) for the find.