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The Arkansas Razorbacks to a trip to Gainesville on Saturday and gave the Florida Gators all that they could handle. The Gators reward? Being number one in the first BCS Rankings poll of the season. However, did Florida get a little help from our friends who wear the zebra-striped uniforms? To some Razorback fans, the answer is yes. Yes the Gators did benefit from some suspect calls which may have helped them avoid what would’ve been the season’s biggest upset so far.

Over at YouTube, member bchadwell1204 has been hard at work documenting the various bad calls, many of which happened in the fourth and deciding quarter, and naturally, we have them for you, beginning with the lead video, which starts us with the questionable end zone pass interference against the Razorbacks.

To say that play was debatable is like saying the ocean is blue. While it’s an apt description, it doesn’t quite capture the moment. The second play causing bchadwell’s consternation involved an odd personal foul call:

Even Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist were perplexed by that one. Next, there’s the offensive pass interference call against Florida’s Riley Cooper that didn’t get called. Tebow threw up a “who wants pass” in the end zone, and to prevent the interception, Cooper essentially played the part of the beaten defensive back who has no choice but to try and disrupt the player before the ball gets there. Observe:

Granted, these plays didn’t necessarily win the game for Florida, but the extra yardage certainly didn’t hurt their cause, either. Besides, if the Cooper play is called correctly, would Florida still have been able to get the ball in field goal range in time enough for Caleb Sturgis’ game-winner? I know the direction one particular Razorback fan is leaning.