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Calipari's Mustang

Not only does John Calipari have a fear-inspiring team (well, to some pundits, anyway), stocked to the gills with talented players, as well as the entire city of Lexington eating out of his hands, he’s also got his own signature Ford Mustang. And yes, you can drive it, provided you make it to Paul Miller Ford in time enough to buy one.

Of course, there’s no price listed on this 435 horsepower-ed beast, and as of right now, there aren’t any listed on Paul Miller Ford’s Mustang inventory page.

As you can see in the image(s), Calipari’s Mustang is black with a Kentucky blue section that goes from hood to tail. The interior also has blue highlights, not to mention, this bitchin’ 8-ball shifter. And for all you namebrand-savvy gearheads out there, this particular Mustang has been Roush-a-sized for your added enjoyment.

While that’s all fine and good, what strikes me as funny is the excitement of the page. The “IT’S HERE” statement acts as if the demand was off-the-charts high. Of course, considering the love affair Kentucky fans have with Calipari at the moment, perhaps the excitement is fitting.

Here’s another picture, just to whet your appetite a little more:

Calipari's Mustang

You know you want one.

All I can say is the only thing that’s missing is a decal of the UK logo on the hood; something like this, only bigger. It would elevate an already-bitchin’ Mustang to bad-ass levels of awesomeness.