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John Wall or Xavier Henry

Pop quiz, hotshot: Let’s say you are the coach of a big time school, say somewhere like Kansas or Kentucky, and you have one remaining scholarship to give out to an incoming player. Also, your roster is complete; that is, your team isn’t lacking for any one position or player. Essentially, the final scholarship can be used on a player of choice. To sweeten the pot, let’s say there are two players who want to come to play for you, and those two are Xavier Henry and John Wall, probably the two most dynamic, explosive freshmen in college basketball right now.

And that’s with no offense to folks like Lance Stephenson or Kenny Boynton, either. With that in mind, who do you choose?

Wall or Henry? Granted, there really isn’t a wrong choice here, but the point remains: If you were a coach of college basketball team and both of these players wanted to come to play for you, but you could only choose one, who would it be? Both are extremely talented players who can impact a team as soon as they step on campus. While both Henry and Wall are guards, they are different kinds of players. Henry is more of the “gifted scorer” style of player, while Wall is like the incredibly athletic floor general who also has an ability to score the rock.

Granted, it’s not like there’s a “wrong” choice here, because both players are equally gifted. Here’s a little more ammo for your decision, courtesy of the KUSports.com:

The 6-foot-4 Wall has averaged 18.1 ppg in 35.1 minutes, the 6-6 Henry 18.0 ppg in 27.0 minutes.

Henry has hit 55 of 99 shots for 55.6 percent, Wall 54 of 100 shots for 54 percent.

Henry has made 24 of 45 threes for 53.3 percent, Wall seven of 19 threes for 36.8 percent.

Henry has converted 28 of 34 free throws for 82.4 percent, Wall 48 of 61 for 78.7 percent.

Both players have 37 rebounds. Wall has 64 assists, 39 turnovers, 25 steals and five blocks; Henry has 16 assists, 18 turnovers, 16 steals and seven blocks.

Besides stats like assists and turnovers, both players are having awfully similar freshmen seasons. So who ya got? Wall or Henry? Henry or Wall? Will moving pictures help your choice?

If so, here you go, staring with Henry:

And now Wall:

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, the correct answer is “both.” If both of these players want(ed) to come to the school you coached and you only had one scholarship remaining, you’d do whatever you could to free up another one, even if that meant cutting the crowd-favorite player who sits at the end of the bench, even if said bench-sitter is a senior scheduled to graduate.

Let’s say, however, this isn’t a “both” situation. Let’s say, if one comes, the other doesn’t. Who do you take then? Wall or Henry? Henry or Wall (like there’s a wrong choice here)?