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Bob Huggins

With the Bad Guys beating Cornell and West Virginia dispatching Washington, the stage is set for a nice, little border war that dates back to the days of the Hatfields and McCoys. One thing’s for sure — West Virginia native/starting Kentucky power forward Patrick Patterson will be ready. He’s not the only one who’s ready for a basketball war, however.

`Er fans are feeling it as well, and they want a piece of John Wall, something the upcoming video demonstrates nicely.

Careful what you wish for, kind sir, because you might end up getting it. Considering the injury to starting Mountaineers point guard, Darryl “Truck” Bryant, you have to wonder about West Virginia’s chances at stopping Kentucky’s freshman phenom. Bryant’s replacement, the non-shooting Joe Mazzulla, figures to have his hands full on Saturday. While he’s known as an athletic defender, his apparent lack of shooting ability, something he’ll need to offset Wall’s production, could be the very weakness that keeps West Virginia from realizing their Final Four dreams.