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While the world was watching Duke/Carolina last night—teams that have seven National Championships between them (thank you, Mike Patrick)—a school that has seven championships by themselves was also playing in Auburn, Alabama. While UK may not be the center of the basketball universe this season (11-9), the sport is so much better when teams like Kentucky and UCLA are good.

With that in mind, I must say I was pleased when I saw this video of Kentucky guard Derrick Jasper’s block of a breakaway dunk attempt during last night’s win at Auburn. While Jasper’s poor pass directly led to the opportunity, he more than made up for his mistake by blocking the resulting shot off of the Auburn player’s head and out of bounds, making the ball go back to UK:

That’s one way of making up for your mistakes on the court. UK won the contest, 66-63. Apologies to David Tyree, but I don’t think you need anymore accolades after making that ridiculous catch… Plus, the vid won’t stay up on YouTube.