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Lots of great basketball this weekend. Wake looked great, as did Duke and Louisville. Carolina looks like they’ve righted their ACC ship as well. However, aside from all the basketball smorgasbord, there were some weird fan stuff going on. In the Wake/Clemson game, a Clemson fan decided to try out his wrestling moves on Wake Forest’s Chas McFarland who wound up in the crowd after chasing a loose ball.

I’d say that take down would be worth two points in a wrestling match.

As it stands, I’m surprised we didn’t get a college version of Malice in the Palace. Surprisingly, besides the sports blogosphere, the fallout from this little incident has been pretty mute. I assume the douchebag fan was escorted out of the arena; although, I haven’t seen any confirmation. Again, I’m also surprised said Clemson fan didn’t feel the wrath of the Wake Forest team descending on his section to beat the tar out of him.

He may not be so lucky next time.

In the next highlight, we have the hubbub from the Providence/Marquette game when Jeff Xavier jumped into the elbow of a Marquette player. After the play was over, no foul called, and Xavier was taken to the bench, Xavier’s brother, Jonathan decided he’d make his way from the stands to the court to discuss the play with the officials.

Good times ensued:

Apparently, Jonathan was simply mimicking his brother who was yelling at the Marquette bench the entire time. I guess it’s Marquette’s fault Xavier jumped into the elbow of an opposing player. Even more surprising was the reaction of the Providence bench when Xavier’s brother stepped over them. No one made any attempt to stop him, coaches included, until he was on the floor, disrupting the game.

That’s not good form at all. Nevertheless, no one was hurt or accosted, but the fact remains, what the hell was he doing on the court in the first place? If no one reacts until after you’ve crossed the fan/player barrier, it’s a little too late.