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Harvey Hale

Wake Forest hadn’t been ranked number one in the country since the 2004 season, and if this is how they treat it, I can see why. Allowing a good-but-not-great/unranked Virginia Tech team to come into your gym and beat you is not what the best team in the land does, and that’s why, barring a ton of top-ten losses, Wake Forest won’t be the top team in the land when the new rankings come out on Monday. Good thing for them, this isn’t the BCS we are dealing with. Provided Wake Forest plays like they have been–before last night, anyway–they have a shot at redeeming themselves.

Credit goes to Virginia Tech for entering a hostile environment and coming away with a big win thanks to some hot shooting. It was so big, the Hokies (13-5, 3-1 in ACC) may find themselves ranked next week.