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UCLA Undie Run

It’s that time of year again for UCLA students to “streaking through the quad,” to poorly quote Frank the Tank. Yes folks, the Finals Week Annual UCLA Undie Run is tonight and the blogosphere world is waiting for the results. The route has been changed from the last time for safety reasons, and if I’m reading this correctly, the run will be in a more well-lit area. You know what that means:

Better pictures for all.

You may also be asking, “what in the Wide World of Sports does this have to do with, well, sports?” I’ll tell you: After finals week, college basketball coaches can practice their teams until their eyes bleed because the 20-hour rule is suspended. Not only that, but there’s also a noticeable increase of the amount of college basketball on TV, as if there’s not a lot on already.

So you see? The UCLA Undie Run is beneficial to us all. It provides lovely images of the celebration and it’s a reminder the college basketball slate is about to explode. Sounds like a win-win to me.

via Deadspin