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Tyler Hansbrough

Because he didn’t play last night, Tyler Hansbrough had to contribute one way or another. It looks like he went for the intimidation route. This made me think: maybe he got the “Psycho T” nickname by beating those who don’t pay up into powder? I mean, that incredible pinstriped suit with the black mock turtleneck underneath certainly suggests as much. It’s pretty obvious he wore that particular suit to intimidate Kentucky.

And it worked to the tune of 28 turnovers, giving UK an incredible 53 (that’s FIFTY THREE) in two games.

53 turnovers. In two games. How does one do that?

Do all of UK’s opponents have someone sitting on their bench in a mob-style suit, scaring them into playing “give away” with the ball? There has to be some sort of logical explanation for that horrific guard play Kentucky is using in the early season. Why not Hansbrough’s suit?

Here’s a better pic, snatched from MJD’s blog. It tells the same story:

Tyler Hansbrough

I think he’s saying to himself, “The force is WEAK with that Kentucky team.” And he’d be right.