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Trevor Booker

Now that it’s March, all of these nasty dunks and back-breaking 3-pointers have an increased level of “Ommph” added to them. Granted, a dunk is still worth two points and the 3-pointers are worth, well, I’ll let you figure that out. But, as the Big Dance gets closer and closer, which goes hand-in-hand with teams fighting for a spot in tournament, the intensity level goes up a few notches. Because of that, what would be simply a nasty dunk in February or January appears to have some added emphasis as conference tournaments and Big Dances move in for their temporary takeover of our lives.

And all of that is a very good thing.

Take, for instance, Trevor Booker. With Clemson working hard to ensure their bubble doesn’t pop, a game against Georgia Tech, a team in a similar position, means a little more. And dunks like the one Booker provided resonate a little louder:

Not only did Booker bring the house down on 7-foot Brad Sheehan, his efforts helped Clemson get the win over the Yellow Jackets. Oh, and for those of you wondering if Booker’s just a dunker, his stat line tells a different story:

21 points, nine rebounds three blocks and five assists. The only blemish on Booker’s line was his 4-11 from the free throw line. Booker also gets added bonus points for being so beastly on Clemson’s senior night. I’m not sure Booker could’ve played his last game in Littlejohn better than he did last night.

With that, the only thing I can say is, bring on the Ides tournaments of March. One thing’s pretty clear: Trevor Booker is ready.