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A group called Mix St 311 have compiled a list of the top 50 dunks in college basketball, and it’s certainly worth checking out. Granted, lists like these are subjective, but Mix St’s collection is pretty accurate, featuring a ton of dunks most college basketball aficionados have seen, but there all right here in a nice, little package.

Players like Grant Hill, Vince Carter, Clyde Drexler Shaquille O’Neal and Jerry Stackhouse are represented, as are lesser-known dunkers like Dirk Minifield, Chris Porter, Hakim Warrick (twice) and of course, Jerome Lane, owner of perhaps the most famous college basketball dunk, maybe ever.

If you think that’s a spoiler, well, you could be right and you could be wrong. You’ll just have to watch and find out. There’s a great chance one of your favorite dunks makes this list, which also serves as a nice trip down memory lane. With that in mind, Mix St 311 should be commended for making their list as comprehensive as they did. A lot of the times, Top Anything lists suffer from short-term memory.

Fortunately, Mix St avoids that distinction.