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Bo Ryan

And it’s not football? What gives? While the Big Ten did win the ACC/Big Ten challenge, they needed to survive a couple of close calls to pull it off. Wisconsin survived a nail-biter against Kyle Singler and his Dukies, which earned a court-storming, while Illinois provided us with its greatest come-from-behind victory in the school’s history. Had either one of these gone the ACC’s way, the 6-5 final tally for the Big Ten would be reversed.

It was the Big Ten’s first victory over the ACC since the series began 11 years ago.

As you can see, even Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan is surprised at his conference’s success.


Wisconsin 73, Duke 69
Illinois 76, Clemson 74
Boston College 62, Michigan 58
Miami 63, Minnesota 58 — Odd score, considering the BC/Michigan final tally.
Ohio State 77, Florida State 64
Purdue 69, Wake Forest 58
North Carolina 89, Michigan State 82
Maryland 80, Indiana 68
Northwestern 65, North Carolina State 53
Virginia Tech 70, Iowa 64
Penn State 69, Virginia 66

Largest margin of victory? 13 points, courtesy of Ohio State win over Florida State. Eight of the eleven games were decided by single-digits, a few of which were one and two possession victories. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter how much you win by, just that you win. And the Big Ten, after 10 years of ACC/Big Ten match up futility, finally comes out as the series victor. Now all they need is 10 more years of winning streaks to even the score.