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Bacon Explosion Bracket

It’s March Madness time, ya’ll, and you know what that means: The Intentional Foul Bacon Explosion Bracket Challenge (or IFBEBC for short) is back for its second go-around. The rules are simple: Join our Bacon Explosion Bracket Challenge (Yahoo), pick your winners, sweat out the tournament, and if you’re picks are worthy, you might find yourself as the new owner of a Bacon Explosion. In case you can’t smell what the guys at Burnt Finger BBQ are cooking, allow this description to entice your imagination and your appetite:

2 pounds thick cut bacon
2 pounds Italian sausage
1 jar of BBQ sauce
1 jar of BBQ rub

So yeah, it’s a worthwhile Bracket Challenge, especially if you are one of the millions of people on the bacon bandwagon. Of course, when you’re fighting for something like the Bacon Explosion, that’s not a bad bandwagon to be apart of.

Anyhow, the information for our Tournament Pick’em is as follows:

Bacon Explosion Challenge (group ID# 71753)

PW: letmein

Simply go here, enter the group ID (71753) and enter the password (letmein). Oh, and there’s only one bracket per entry, so get it right.

Best of luck to all the entrants, may the best bracket win. Oh, and one more thing, the winner will need to provide us with a mailing address in order to collect the Bacon Explosion prize.

One last thing: Even though I live in Kansas City, I’m the only one who can pick Kentucky to win it all. ;)