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Bacon Bracket

The culinary creator who brought us the God-like Bacon Lombardi Trophy is back again with another marriage of bacon and sports masterpiece: The Bacon Bracket. As you can see in the lead image, the name provides us a perfect description of the bacon-y goodness in Ben Krout’s latest development. For this creation, it looks like Krout made liberal use of what looks like a Cheez Whiz substance to create the bracket look.

The teams are represented by strips of bacon, naturally.

One hopes the losing team’s bacon piece gets eaten as a reminder that, while failure might suck, it can taste pretty damn good when there’s some bacon to go along with it.

H/t to The Shiver for the heads up.

Oh, and speaking of bacon, today’s the last full day to join IF’s Bacon Explosion Bracket Challenge (PW: letmein) over at Yahoo’s Tournament Pick’em thingee. Don’t miss out on your chance to win over four pounds of pork goodness.