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It was a bad, bad season for SEC Basketball in 08-09. Besides LSU (and surprisingly Auburn), no team has played up to what was expected of them. This especially holds true in the SEC East. For instance, fast forward to the 50 second mark in the above video and you’ll see a great buzzer-beater from Alabama’s Anthony Brock, who attended his grandmother’s funeral the day before he hit the shot that let the Crimson Tide beat the Volunteers in Tennessee. Brock’s shot brought a merciful end to the SEC East regular season schedule, one that saw not one team step up and grab the title. The South Carolina Gamecocks tried to, but lost two-of-three to close out their regular season, leaving the door open for Bruce Pearl’s Volunteers.

However, Tennessee didn’t take advantage of their opportunity to claim the east outright by allowing Anthony Brock’s last-second heroics to beat them. In other words, both South Carolina and Tennessee backed into the SEC East title, something they have to share with one another.