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If you watched a lot of college basketball on Saturday, I’m sure you saw this little gem of a call during UConn/Gonzaga:

Awesome, awesome move and finish by Hasheem Thabeet. Too bad it was absolutely ruined by a boneheaded call from the baseline referee. UConn’s all-everything big man was T’d up for taunting; and in college basketball, technical fouls count as personal fouls, hence Thabeet’s subsequent disqualification from the game. The question is, was it a good call on the referee’s part or was it a stupid edict from an official who’s trying to be bigger than the game he’s officiating?

Yes, Thabeet did mouth off a little while he was running back down the court, but really, was it enough to warrant any kind of call other than a verbal warning? Instead, we get to finish a great game without one of its stars because an arrogant official has a hair-trigger when it comes to showing these players who the boss is — See? Being unfairly judgmental works both ways. — as opposed to actually using your head and making a sensible call.

Gus Johnson agrees.