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During USC’s first half thrashing/second half clock-running beatdown of Penn State at yesterday’s Rose Bowl, Taylor Mays, a member of USC’s secondary, wanted to show the world just how hard he could lay the wood to opposing players. And if a teammate gets blasted in the process? Sorry. He’s just a casualty of college football.

USC’s second quarter was so impressive, it put the game out of hand, making the second half two long periods of “kill the clock.” Penn State worked on trying to make the game respectable, but the result was never really in doubt. Unfortunately, USC fans are using this particular game to stake a split national champions claim on the Trojans behalf.

The theory is, “You saw how the Trojans played. Why on earth do you think someone could beat them?” To which, I reply, “Why do you think you’d automatically beat the Texases, Floridas, Oklahomas and Alabama’s of the world? Because you team played well against Penn State? I’m sorry, the transitive property has no place in an ‘I’d beat you because’ discussion.”