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Something should be said for finishing the season the way you started, especially if that consists of starting and finishing in first place in the rankings. The team that started as the preseason number one finished the regular season back at the top of the ranking pile and as you can see in the above video, Danny Green couldn’t be happier about it. Of course, if Carolina loses in the upcoming ACC Tournament, they will yield the regained spot to a team like Pittsburgh, but that hasn’t happened yet.

With that in mind, the Tar Heels, a team Rick Pitino feels is the most talented in the land, should be commended on their consistency, because, as the following graph shows, the Heels were consistently better than their opponents, says the Master of the Obvious.

Back to the video: Danny Green is, in fact, dancing because it was Senior Day for the Tar Heels yesterday, and after beating Duke to close their regular season, I’m sure Green wanted to give the Carolina faithful a little something to remember him by. The dance he does should work just fine.

While North Carolina regained the top spot in both polls, they didn’t outpoint Pittsburgh by a large margin at all, especially in the AP. Pittsburgh received 33 first-place votes and the Tar Heels received 35. The rest were split between Louisville and Memphis. In the Coach’s Poll, however, Carolina received all but eight of the first-place votes. Things like these bode well as a team jockeys for a number one seed in the upcoming Big Dance. Provided the Heels (and Pittsburgh) don’t fall flat on their collective faces, both should be in the running for one of the four coveted top seeds.

In fact, I’m calling it right now — North Carolina will be the number one seed in the South, while Pitt will hold off Louisville and UConn for the East’s top seed. However, a quick glance at Joe Lunardi’s updated bracket and you see three of the four top seeds going to Pitt, UConn and Louisville, who all belong to the Big East conference.

Naturally, how these teams play in the Big East conference tournament will determine whether or not Lunardi’s prognostications stick. If either of these four teams should falter early, look for a Big 12 team — Oklahoma or Kansas — to slide in and take one of these spots.