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There’s nothing like a Stanley Robinson putback dunk to start your day. Besides offering even more proof that the college basketball season is alive and kicking, it goes a long way in confirming my hypothesis: Robinson is the best putback dunker in the amateur ranks, and his domination might extend throughout the basketball universe. That’s a heady statement, I know, especially when folks like Greg Oden and Patrick Patterson exist (Patterson had a nasty putback of his own last night), but Robinson’s timing, coupled with the springs-in-the-legs-like jumping ability, makes him one of the best at taking a missed shot and converting it for two in the most emphatic of fashions.

I’ve already spoken about Robinson’s ability at STF, and last night’s finish simply furthers his legend. Oh, and by the way, UConn won, beating Colgate 77-63.

H/t to The Dagger for the video find.