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Remember him? Of course you do because ESPN made sure to remind you. The fact that I’m writing about this cat can only mean one thing — it’s time for another round of the “bestest, most stupendously incredible rivalry in the free world.” That’s right, North Carolina invades the confines of Cameron Indoor Gym Stadium tonight, where I’m sure Speedo Guy, or some derivative thereof, will almost certainly be seen when UNC shoots its free throws.

When you are watching the game tonight, it’s important to remember you are witnessing history. Anytime the “greatest rivalry in the history of the earth, ever” is on television, it’s even more historical than that Obama Inauguration business that went down in Washington D.C. last month. With that in mind, who ya got? I’m thinking Carolina because of their superior interior (Rhyme Master Cee in the house), although, we all know how well the Dukies feed off of their crowd.

Oh, and this: what are the chances Paulus gets teabagged by Danny Green again?