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While we are waiting on Yahoo to get their Tournament Pick ‘Em in working order, we thought it would be fun to watch Dick Vitale’s mid-major argument get attacked by Jay Bilas. Vitale was upset about the apparent snubbing of St. Mary’s–while using it as a platform to defend mid-majors everywhere–and he let his position be known. Unfortunately, Jay Bilas was in studio, and because Bilas watches more than just ACC basketball, he’s probably in a better position to argue seedings and selections.

Except here.

Vitale’s point about Arizona is quite valid. Yes, St. Marys went on a losing streak towards the end of their regular season–never a good thing; just ask NIT-bound Kentucky–but that does not explain why Arizona deserved the bid. Or why they too aren’t in the NIT.

Apparently, all that RPI talk doesn’t mean as much after all. Oh yes. The NCAA Tournament is officially back. And for the first time probably ever, I’ll be watching the postseason NIT.

Talk about a humbling thought.