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Via YouTube, no less. That has to be a first for a collegiate athlete. Normally, players tell their coaches they are leaving via one-on-one meetings and the like. Instead, Royce White decided he’d use social media to get his message to Tubby Smith. While Smith was content to use the more traditional outlets when discussing White’s situation — Online newspapers? How quaint. — White took matters into his own hands via a YouTube bomb.

White recently plead guilty to charges stemming from a shoplifting incident at the Mall of America and has been suspended from the team since November 3rd. Since his suspension, White has been using YouTube to get his side of the story across. In fact, in one of his videos, White praises Smith, saying he’s a great teacher and that he can’t wait to get back and play for him.

Apparently, that sentiment lasted all of four days.

Losing White is a big blow for the Gophers. As the Sporting News pointed out, White was the 19th-ranked freshman in the country coming into the season. For what it’s worth, White indicates he’s not transferring to another school, while insisting he still has love for the University and the state, indicating the door on him returning is still ajar. Perhaps the fatherly Smith will try and salvage White’s tenure with the Gophers by conferring with his prized recruit before the (rash) decision is made permanent.