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Weeks Late

In light of Rick Pitino’s admissions concerning the Karen Sypher story, allow me to relay a little lesson I’ve learned: If you want to find the best reactions when it comes to a Kentucky-related story, turn to Kentucky fans, something the lead image shows very well. Granted, the mock-up of the “Miles Ahead” billboard (originally found here) is pretty tasteless, but it goes a long way in capturing the kinds of reactions Pitino’s confession elicited.

Essentially, Pitino made himself even more of a pariah to Kentucky fans, and apparently, that extends to some Louisville fans as well — so much so, in fact, it has some Cardinals fans making overtures of loyalty to Steve Kragthorpe, Louisville’s embattled football coach. For most Kentucky fans, however, it’s open season on Pitino, and predictably, the “scorned lover” mentality stands strong. Here are some examples of said reactions:

Responses in a thread about possible titles for Rick Pitino’s upcoming book:

“I’ll take abortion for $3000, Alex”


“Porking at Porcini’s: Goodtimes in the River City”


Karen Sypher’s Fetus and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day.


Rick and Karen Minus 1

As I said, a some Kentucky fans are having an absolute ball with this story, for better or for worse. Yes, a story like this brings out people’s true colors — especially when they can hide behind Internet anonymity — but it does make for some entertaining reading, mixed with a dash of “I can’t believe they f**king said that.” Like this gem, from this thread, for instance:

Dinner at PorKcini’s: $75
Aborting an adulterous lovechild: $3000
Hush money to keep her away from your wife and the press: &10000+

Knocking up a gold-digger in the back of a restaurant while an assistant listens laying under a table… coercing her into an unwanted abortion and marrying her off to an assistant… then getting your AD and attorney to preemptively file an extortion claim and intimidate the local media into only publicizing your side of the story: Priceless

Of course, some Kentucky fans who are still grateful for the 1996 Championship come to Pitino’s defense, but by and large, he’s getting skewered.

It was said somewhere after the story broke yesterday that Pitino’s trip to Rupp Arena in a few months is going to be wild, which might be an understatement, especially when you consider how he was received his first year at Louisville. It wouldn’t be surprising if UK’s athletic department banned any signage for the upcoming game — which, adding even more hype to the recipe, will be John Calipari’s first game against Louisville as Kentucky’s coach.

Sounds like “Must See TV” to me.