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Obama's Final Four

Much like the presidents of past generations would take to the radio airwaves for weekly broadcasts, it appears as if President Obama has created something of a tradition in relation to the Final Four. Thanks to the buzz he received picking last year’s bracket, not to mention the fact that he got the National Champions correct, we now have an annual unveiling on our hands. Obama’s bracket segment on ESPN doesn’t air until this afternoon, but the WWL was kind enough to release the President’s Final Four. Somebody get the chalk ready:

Kansas Jayhawks
Kentucky Wildcats
Kansas State Wildcats
Villanova Wildcats

Quite obviously, Obama is fans of teams with feline-related mascots. While Kansas and Kentucky were to be expected, the selections of K-State and Villanova, while higher seeds, is a little bit of a gamble. Perhaps my reasoning here has to do with the fact I’m not sold on either team; although, I do love me some Scottie Reynolds, and both look ripe for earlier-round upsets. In fact, once you get past Syracuse and K-State, the West Bracket looks downright messy.

A case could be made for both 7th-seeded BYU and 4th-seeded Vanderbilt to make surprising runs to the Elite Eight.

For what it’s worth, last year, President Obama picked the following four teams to make it the last weekend of the tournament — North Carolina, Pittsburgh, UCLA and Kansas. Of those four, the only team he got right was North Carolina. Granted, he picked the Tar Heels to win the whole thing, but considering the talent Roy Williams had in Chapel Hill in 2009 (not so much this year, apparently), that’s a pretty safe pick.